Russ Whitney suggests leadership facts

Russ Whitney suggests leadership facts

Being a leader Russ Whitney says, is an essential part of getting your business off the ground and making it work. You need to lead yourself and lead others. Similarly you have to believe so much in your product and service that you know that it will benefit the people who purchase it even more than the money benefits you.

As everything rises and falls on leadership claims Russ Whitney, which is true that you have to lead people to buy from you and then to keep them in your business. Here are few facts that Russ Whitney suggests how you can be a leader in business.

1. Listen more than you talk

Russ Whitney insists this is a great idea for any kind of sales. You need to be someone who understands the concept. Listen to what your prospects want, create products and services that supply the need and you will find it so much easier to increase the income being generated by your business.

2. Have a Great Vision

You have to be the one that sees the big picture when it comes to your business. And you need to be able to impart it to customers and clients. It is essential that Russ Whitney conveys you are clear about the direction of your business, the big picture and the results you hope to achieve with the business.

These are few questions Russ Whitney assumes that you need to know the answers to, so take some time to write them down.What is the vision for your business? What are your goals? What impact do you want your business to have? How will you change the lives of anyone who comes in contact with your business?

3. Be Bold

There will be times says Russ Whitney when you have to do things that make you feel slightly afraid and as a leader, you will have to be courageous and bold in order to keep the business moving forward. One of the differences between successful entrepreneur and other people is courage and bravery.

What changed Russ Whitney’s Life and how?

Russ Whitney, the man who started his life working in a slaughter house making $5 an hour is now the most well known name in the field of real estate investment and philanthropic activities. He is one among the most popular figures of America who got rich within a short span of time. So how did this happen? Was it a miracle? What made things work for Russ? What was the thing that inspired Russ Whitney to do something in life? What made the life changing experience for Whitney?

russ whitney

All the answers are answered by Russ Whitney himself. Whitney said that after having worked for 3 months at a slaughter house, he wanted to do something big in his life. The passion, the zeal to become rich was instilled in him. That is when Russ Whitney came across a piece of reading named Zig Ziglar volume on positive thinking. The book spoke about focusing on the brighter side of everything in life. Russ started to believe that positive things could actually happen to him.

While he continued to work at the slaughter house, the constant feeling to get rich consistently stayed in his mind forever. He started to look for ways to become rich within a short span of time. His interest for reading brought him to another book named “How I Turned $1,000 into $3 Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time” by William Nickerson. When he read the book it seemed to him like everything fell into place. The book had the words “you can become a millionaire”. That is what Russ Whitney wanted to become then on.

After getting inspired reading the book, Russ Whitney got his first real estate property from a 65 year old woman. Having made the purchase, Russ turned the property into a brand new villa that when sold would earn him huge profits. That is how Russ Whitney got his interests into real estate investing and got started with his journey to become a millionaire.

But that was not all. There was something else too that inspired him and kept him going. The third book that inspired and changed Russ Whitney’s life is the Bible. Russ Whitney says that he reads the holy book daily for wisdom and forgiveness. It was from the bible that he learned the meaning of life. He knew that god wanted him to be successful and with the faith he believed in things.

Today, Russ Whitney is popularly known as the epitome of American dream. At an early age of 27 years, Russ was one of America’s youngest self made millionaires. Russ Whitney is now an opportunist and a successful businessman who not only does well for himself, but also shares his expertise to all the people out there who want to become rich. Russ has taken initiative to share his expertise knowledge to everyone in the form of his books and also hosts various courses, seminars and workshops to help people make investment decisions easily.



Russ Whitney is back into action, he is ready to teach the business secrets that help you to scale your business to next level. The upcoming Russ Whitney’s business conference is a rare and once in life time opportunity to learn about CEO mastery and the amazing business building lessons. The great conference will be held at renowned Gatsby style resort, near Gulf of Mexico. Russ Whitney, the master of scaling businesses and his own power team will host the conference. The conference worth for each and every penny you’re paying.

Benefits of the conference:

BY attending the conference, you will get educated about the top notch CEO mastery skills that help to successfully manage your exponential growth in business. Through this conference, you can easily gain access to Russ’s contacts, his power team experts and his personal networks of movers and shakers. It employs you with the skills, resources and capabilities that are required to start an instant successful business. The information packed conference, also give you clear ideas about complicate financial strategies such as how to add profit centers, how to bypass hype and puffer, how to avoid negative internet press, lawsuits etc.

The best part of the event is that you will get credited with the contacts that can offer millions of dollars funding, provided if you have good business plan and willing to work hard. Russ Whitney is even ready to equip you with the new merchant regulations that are now coming down very heavy in many industries.

Chance to gain highly worth full information:

It is a great opportunity to get special attention and guidance from Russ Whitney and his professional crew. The business ethics, marketing strategies, commercial and investment banking tricks taught by him is certain to turn any small scale entrepreneur into multi millionaire CEO. The financial mentor is going to get you the road map that easily places you on the success track. The conference includes expert panel discussions, questioning and answer sessions, powerful presentations etc. After hearing his speech, you can confidently win in any litigation or successful settlement in legal way.

Expense of the conference:

The information packed conference is valued at $10,000 per head. An initial amount of $1,000 should be paid, in order to get the application. The conference is not open to all, those who are applying. Only the deserving entrepreneurs can attend the meeting, and the rest will be refund with their initial pay. Keep in mind that it is a very low amount compare to the value and knowledge he will bring to you.

Quality venue:

To make it as ever excited experience, Russ Whitney scheduled his business conference at one of the top vacation destination, the Sanibel Harbor Marriot resort and spa in Fort Myers Florida. It includes royal amenities such as luxurious beach front rooms, sumptuous restaurant, delightful resort pool, world-class tennis courts, sunset cruises, fitness center and spa. Thus, Russ Whitney’s business conference is sure to become an everlasting experience.

Russ Whitney as an entrepreneur

Russ Whitney as an entrepreneurRuss Whitney established himself as a high end consultant for business and project developer, after overcoming a terrible youth life. His incredible journey from poor slaughter house boy to multimillionaire entrepreneur is certain to motivate everyone. Without any influential back ground, he came into the real estate consulting business on his own and proved himself as a successful entrepreneur.

Russ Whitney provides his customers with invaluable contacts and resources that motivate to start their own real estate business. Having started his career with the salary of $5, now he is the largest share holder in most of the business organizations throughout the world. With his guidance, it is possible to transform $ 5.5 million revenue into a magical $250 million within a short span of time. Numerous prominent companies are running successfully with the guidance of Russ Whitney and his team members.

Russ Whitney- The powerful business consultant:

Russ Whitney is an efficient business consultant for business ranging from $5 million to $150 million. He is well versed in CEO mastery and scaled one of his businesses from very low revenue to $250 million dollars per year. Russ Whitney generously partnered in a construction company that was running in loss and through his unique ideas, the company had revenues of $750 million within a short span of six years. This development brought huge credits to both Russ Whitney and his partners and they became the third largest private developer in SWFL. Russ Whitney, with his 30 years of experience in real estate field, can easily equip anyone with the tactics of business and entrepreneurial skills. Once you sign a consultant agreement with Whitney, you will get a weekly consulting call from him and his team members will come directly to your premises and rate your business growth every week. He also schedules personal meetings with the clients and lends his helping hand to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. His brain power fuels number of private and public organizations that are low in growth rate and help to maintain a stabilized growth rate.

Specialty of Russ Whitney:

Russ Whitney is recently building a massive 487- unit development in Central America that comprises of 2/3 single family homes and 1/3 condos. Before starting the construction process almost all the homes were presold. People strongly believe him, since he is truly passionate about his business and not interested in filling his own pocket alone. The great real estate master, Russ Whitney guides only few clients every year based on a personal interview because he is sure that his insights should reach the deserving entrepreneurs. His transparency and dedication towards his business transaction has gained him millions of customers all over the world. He enlightens the lives of several entrepreneurs and remains as role model for young entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in business life. The fore sighted and more practical approach made him to stand out in a crowd. With no doubt it can be stated that Russ Whitney is a man of success.

Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth

Russ Whitney’s book Building wealth which was released on Jan 1, 1994 is still one among the most popular and bestselling books of today.

Book Review

THE COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION OF RUSS WHITNEY’S CLASSIC BLOCKBUSTER ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING AND WEALTH BUILDING Since its first release a decade ago, Building Wealth — called “an indispensable guidebook for everyone dreaming of something better” by Business Times — has shown thousands of people how to get rich in the real estate market, based on the proven techniques that took Russ Whitney from working in a slaughterhouse as a high school dropout to a millionaire investor and entrepreneur. Whitney brings his invaluable guide fully up to date, allowing readers to take advantage of a real estate market that is exploding with opportunity. The updated and revised Building Wealth reflects the momentous changes that have occurred in recent years. In addition to his rock-solid tips on negotiating and exploiting the world of real estate, Whitney delivers entirely new advice on such topics as: Moving from residential to commercial properties Investing in raw land Real estate development Using the Internet and other technologies to maximize profits Making the most of real estate revenue by investing it in the stock market And much more. A revered guide that inspires self-confidence as it demystifies the steps to financial gain, this newest edition of Building Wealth is required reading for everyone interested in making a fortune to enjoy now and leave as a legacy.

Book Review

For those wanting to turn a dream of wealth and financial security into reality, this book describes exactly what it takes. It reveals self-help techniques for changing one’s attitude to money, and how to achieve a positive credit rating, regardless of credit history.

Comments and Rating:

1)A word to the wise.
By A Customer on 29 Aug. 2001
Format: Paperback
I enjoyed reading this book, but reading the reviews on (the American sister web site to this one) I would urge anyone to also read the negative comments by some readers so as to help keep things in their right perspective. All I would say on the subject is view the over lavish praise with a slight degree of caution and skepticism. Some people love a good read, but whether those who praise this book up to the heavens will then go out and make his suggestions work is another matter. Now this book is a combination of some basic good advice regarding the property market, combined with self help and motivation. There are many guide books to riches on the market, most of them containing positive motivation and broad platitudes about becoming rich, without actually telling you how to do it!! I found Russ Whitney’s book a lot more forthcoming than most and some good tips for those who are struggling with their finances as to how to make money in the short and immediate term. For example Russ Whitney gives some excellent advice about letting rooms in one’s own house if you need to make regular money in the short and medium term. My only complaint about the book is that maybe he makes it seem just a little too easy, perhaps by skating a little too lightly over some of the necessary logistics in order to make things work. Overall though not a bad read. It’s certainly one I would recommend as a motivational book and a starter guide for someone considering some aspects of property as part of a new venture.

2)Good Book – a little vauge for beginners
By A Customer on 17 Feb. 2002
Format: Paperback
There is no question that Russ Whitney has made a personal fortune from Real Estate. He gives enough technical detail to convince me he knows what he is talking about and has actually DONE IT himself. Unlike other authors who write about property investment and have authored other books on how to be a expert gardener!! Get my point? The only criticism is that he brushes very quickly over his early days how he bought his first property with no money! I would have liked it if he could have gone through this crucial stage with far more detail.
Good book opened my eyes up!

3)Thank You Russ For Making It Possible!
By A Customer on 26 Sept. 1998
Format: Paperback
I always wanted to go into real estate but I sat on my dream so long property prices shot up and I thought I’d never do it. As a result of reading Russ’s book I bought 8 properties in 18 months. I’m in England so I still had a lot to learn as this book is for the USA Market, still the math and the encouragement Russ gives helps you to think it through. It’s like having a friend with you! Thanks again Russ. Wish you’d come over here!

By Ben Hall on 22 Mar. 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Since buying this book I have already made over £30 (and I am from England), This book is fantastic and full of superb advice on how to turn nothing into a lot. For example I had £10 knocking about and i thought to myself i bet I can make some money with this. Sure enough I read chapter 13 and after only 1 days work i had almost tripled it. It was simple really, I went on BBC food recipe’s figured out how to make cupcakes went down to Tesco picked up my ingredients (£8) and baked them at my nannies house (she likes baking and that way it doesn’t cost me any electricity). I took the cupcakes to town and flogged then for £1 a pop outside Greggs taking Greggs custom before they could enter the shop it was ingenious, however the Greggs manager did warn me that if I didn’t stop selling my tasty treats outside his store he was going to cut my hair off in my sleep (this didn’t deter me as I needed a hair cut anyway)! I was hooked, I’m currently investing in an easy bake oven to further improve my product (and nannie won’t be there every time will she, she’s getting old) I’m projecting profits of well over £300 this year alone, I highly recommend this book to any budding entrepreneur.

By A Customer on 25 Mar. 1998
Format: Paperback
This book gives practical ways to begin your real estate investing. I’ve tried the methods and they work. Russ Whitney shows you how to gain working capital to start investing and continue building your real estate portfolio.

Rating for Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth:

The below rating graph for Russ Whitney’s Building wealth summarizes that 75% of the readers community liked reading the book and found it to be useful.

Russ Whitney's Building Wealth Rating Graph

Positive Response on Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth:

In the past two decades, Russ Whitney’s book, Building Wealth has changed the lives of many people from better to the best. Building Wealth has created an excellent change over in many people’s lives. The below images show the reviews, ratings and the reader’s response for the book Building Wealth.

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Reviews about Russ Whitney

Being such a popular icon, there are a number of people who have shared their thoughts on Russ Whitney. Today, Russ Whitney is not only a name but a brand for himself. People have started to associate real estate with the brand Russ Whitney. People recollect Russ Whitney when they hear the word real estate. Having established himself as a real estate mentor, a philanthropist and a famous bestselling author, Russ Whitney holds no emotion of greed or ego within. The number of fan followers keeps increasing day and night in his social media profiles. A number of people have shared their thoughts on Russ, and his real estate tactics. This post will briefly mention the reviews and comments on Russ Whitney, his crazy fan following on social media like facebook and twitter.Some of the thoughts that people share about Russ Whitney in the form of reviews are:

1.Bob Boye

A lot of people have good ideas, but the ability to take a good idea, a unique idea and make it a product, make it a company and make money off that company is a definite trait that Russ has.

Bob Boye

2.Kevin Harrington

Russ is genuine, he is authentic, and people relate to him and believe him. With no infomercial experience, he came into the (infomercial) business on his own and became a superstar.

kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington
ABC’s Shark Tank
Owner: As Seen on TV

3.Dolmar Cross

Russ I want to thank you so much, you’ve given me a lot of tools that have greatly impacted my business. Just your contacts and resources alone have been invaluable.

Dolmar Cross

4.Larry Benet, Chief connector SANG events tweets about Russ Whitney, and the extra ordinary comments on his tweet.

Larry Benet

Russ Whitney’s Twitter Followers:

5,279 followers on twitter, makes Russ Whitney the most followed ever as a Real estate guru.

Twitter Followers

Russ Whitney’s Facebook Fans:

17,442 fans have like Russ Whitney, now a well established brand for himself. Russ Whitney’s facebook followers are eager and passionate to know about Russ Whitney’s books, events, conferences and much more.

Facebook Fans

Russ Whitney-The Miracle Man:

Russ Whitney- The miracle man

Russ Whitney is a real estate connoisseur, successful entrepreneur, bestselling author and philanthropist who earned global recognition in the field of financial training. Rising property values and low notice rates makes the real estate business quite popular in recent years. The latest venture of Russ Whitney is a detailed guide that helps the entrepreneurs and business owners’ who are looking to grow exponentially to next level. Russ Whitney’s conference about CEO mastery and entrepreneurial mastery help you to create massive and worldwide empire of your own, rather generating millions of dollars in revenues. No matter where you’re currently in your business, his exciting and information packed conference will change your business life.

Early days of Russ Whitney:

Russ Whitney was hailed from poor family and faced all kinds of personal and financial difficulties. His family situation forced him to discontinue his education. The financial mentor started his career by working in a slaughter house for $5 an hour. From the very beginning he was a self-motivated person and his burning desire to become rich never let him to sleep. Throughout his teenage, he engaged in absorbing get-rich programs, courses, audio tapes and seminars.

Russ Whitney’s first success –“The real estate”:

His first success was a real estate “subordination technique” that earned him $11,000 in a single deal. He made his real estate investment with a sensible, mathematical approach and became a successful business man. His success in real estate business motivated him to write his first book “The hurdles and pitfalls of real estate investing”. The book clearly explains the real estate business ethics such as ownership, management, tips to rent or sell land etc. This financial guide sold well and more than 50,000 copies have been purchased till date. After the massive success of this book, he came up with an idea of teaching his business experience in a seminar format.

Whitney’s interest in bible:

The book that changed Russ Whitney’s life was the Bible. Russ Whitney says that he reads it “for wisdom and forgiveness” for fifteen minutes every morning. He also said that the phrase “it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a richer man to enter into the kingdom of God”, changed his entire life.

Life changing career coaching:

Russ Whitney is training around millions of individuals every year in sound wealth building techniques and real estate success strategies. The financial mentor discusses his own success, mistakes and failures in business to motivate the entrepreneurs. His personal experience taught many individuals how to achieve greater productivity. The information packed seminars revolves around the topics such as how to invest in real estate, how to make revenue from real estate and how to invest that amount in stock market, how to move residential to commercial properties and how to acquire self confidence to achieve financial gain. Russ Whitney’s speech not only helps to attain successful outcomes in business, it also heals depression. Having started his career as a poor slaughter boy, today Russ Whitney’s organization’s annual revenue reached $250 million and he provides job career opportunities to more than 2000 people around the world.

Russ Whitney insists-Four Things to Consider Before Starting Your Search

Russ Whitney

What Features Do You Need?

Do you need an additional a garage, a fenced backyard, or lower utility bills? Do you want a fireplace, a short drive to work, or maybe minimal yard work? Once your list is complete, Russ Whitney suggest to choose what’s most significant to you.

What’s the Ideal Location?

Where you live perceptibly affects your lifestyle; it’s also one of the mainly significant influences on the importance of your home. Your choice of location may be rather limited by the price you can afford. Even so, make sure to believe such things as distance to work, schools, shopping and entertainment.

What Kind of Home?

What type of home do you want? A single-family detached home is smart to many people because it typically provides more livelihood space and land. On the other hand, a condominium may be a more right choice for you, with an emphasis on maintenance-free living. Determine what type of home best suits your much loved lifestyle and budget.

What’s Your Budget?

How much do you want to spend your home? Just as significantly, how much do you have to spend? Note there are plentiful additional expenses that you’ll pay to complete the purchase of a home.

More Info: Russ Whitney Real Estate

Russ Whitney Tips on Estate Planning


In order to prepare an essential estate plan you need to provide documents that shows direction on how your estate should be distributed and who should be responsible for making important decisions on your behalf.In many instances, Russ Whitney suggest people may ought to do things differently and the consequences of not having a well-coordinated plan can create real problems.


The will is the main core of your estate plan and allows you to distribute assets as you see that fits your name guardians for minor children and assign an executor to guide your estate.The executor should be a trustworthy person says Russ Whitney with whom you can choose as a third party such as an attorney.There must be some special attention given to your will while your property is distributed.Investments are easily divided between beneficiaries.

Power Of Attorney

This document is prepared to let you appoint someone to manage your day-to-day financial and personal affairs even if you become unable to do so for yourself.

Medical Care

A medical power of attorney names an individual who is authorized to discuss and make decisions on your treatment and care. When selecting someone for this role, remember that it doesn’t have to be the same person as your financial power of attorney.


These documents will determine who will receive your benefits including life insurance and retirement plan assets.Therefore be certain with the designated forms and similarly co-ordinate with your estate planning.

Russ Whitney Info:Ideas to Fund Your Home with Retirement Plans

Russ Whitney assists-Best Options of Financing Home Repairs


It’s very much essential to undertake home improvement repairs for your house through refinancing. Here are different financing options you can explore to get on with your repairs.Russ Whitney gives us the best possible options to choose for home remodeling within a good financial budget and in an easier manner.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Russ Whitney says a home equity line of credit offers low interest rates for homeowners with good equity. For this financing, you use your house as collateral. This enables you to borrow a specific percentage of the equity amount. Many consumers may not qualify for these terms due to low equity amounts accrued for mortgages.

Short-Term Personal Loan

If you have credit and a working relationship with a lender, you might qualify for a short-term personal loan with your credit bank. Russ Whitney prefers that this type of financing can be either secured or unsecured. Interest rates are less than credit card rates.

Cash-Out Refinancing

This will result in higher monthly mortgage payments and lower interest rates, but it will give you the cash you need to pay for home improvement work.

Home Loan

To apply, you need a good credit score and your income must be able to cover repayment. You can use this money to pay for repairs and modifications of single-family dwellings. Interest rates are fixed, based on common market rates in your area.

Contractor Loan

Russ Whitney alerts that before signing any agreements, research the terms of the loan to ensure that the rates and terms are competitive. It’s also important to confirm the source of funding.A little creative financing should help you get your home improvement within an easy and faster way of time.

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