Russ Whitney-Building an Effective Framework for Leads

Building-an-Effective-Framework-for-LeadsLead generation technology has become very effective in generating huge volumes of leads for agents.Russ Whitney assist all can effectively capture your online and offline leads, and you’re well on your way to generate more offers.

The only limiting factor Russ Whitney says for agents is cost, and deciding how much time and money to invest in business which thus determines how successful an agent will be with lead generation.Online lead generation is all about volume and conversion rates.

It is more important that agents build a foundation to nurture the leads.Russ Whitney guides all that understanding the source of the lead enables agents to build the necessary framework to convert the lead.

It all starts with making sure the first interaction with your business which conveys the right message. Here are some of Russ Whitney’s steps for an effective framework  that helps the lead to generate an online as well as offline offers.

Analyze and Understand Your Leads

An online lead is often very different than a referral lead, and, therefore, each lead must be nurtured in a way tailored to maximize conversion and understanding the context behind each lead is vital.

Convey Your Message

Your marketing message is interpreted differently by various groups of people. Analyzing the source of your leads across your business and take the opportunity to introduce yourself as a local expert.

Create Mutual Trust

The mutual trust with your prospect is the most important step in capturing the lead.The prospect must trust you, at the same time you also need to trust the prospect.The key to trust is mutual and thus by knowing they are serious about purchasing a house.

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