Russ Whitney emphasis:Flexible Schedule for Healthier Workplace

Flexible-Schedule-for-Healthier-WorkplaceThe convergence of people being both healthier and happier through company’s workforce is probably more efficient and feels more loyal to their employers.The great thing about flexibility is that there are many ways to adapt it to meet the needs of both the company and the workforce.

Instituting flexibility on a trial basis or starting with one department could be helpful for identifying the right balance and which policies to establish.Russ Whitney Suggests for all business owners, the first step for offering flexible schedules should be training management, human resources and staff about options and processes as well as benefits.

People with adaptable work environments tend to have healthier habits and may be more productive and efficient when they work. They have time to devote to self-improvement and health as well as to being present for family and friends. A consistent and predictable pattern does have some benefits,there may be better ways for all involved to use their time.

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