Reviews about Russ Whitney

Being such a popular icon, there are a number of people who have shared their thoughts on Russ Whitney. Today, Russ Whitney is not only a name but a brand for himself. People have started to associate real estate with the brand Russ Whitney. People recollect Russ Whitney when they hear the word real estate. Having established himself as a real estate mentor, a philanthropist and a famous bestselling author, Russ Whitney holds no emotion of greed or ego within. The number of fan followers keeps increasing day and night in his social media profiles. A number of people have shared their thoughts on Russ, and his real estate tactics. This post will briefly mention the reviews and comments on Russ Whitney, his crazy fan following on social media like facebook and twitter.Some of the thoughts that people share about Russ Whitney in the form of reviews are:

1.Bob Boye

A lot of people have good ideas, but the ability to take a good idea, a unique idea and make it a product, make it a company and make money off that company is a definite trait that Russ has.

Bob Boye

2.Kevin Harrington

Russ is genuine, he is authentic, and people relate to him and believe him. With no infomercial experience, he came into the (infomercial) business on his own and became a superstar.

kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington
ABC’s Shark Tank
Owner: As Seen on TV

3.Dolmar Cross

Russ I want to thank you so much, you’ve given me a lot of tools that have greatly impacted my business. Just your contacts and resources alone have been invaluable.

Dolmar Cross

4.Larry Benet, Chief connector SANG events tweets about Russ Whitney, and the extra ordinary comments on his tweet.

Larry Benet

Russ Whitney’s Twitter Followers:

5,279 followers on twitter, makes Russ Whitney the most followed ever as a Real estate guru.

Twitter Followers

Russ Whitney’s Facebook Fans:

17,442 fans have like Russ Whitney, now a well established brand for himself. Russ Whitney’s facebook followers are eager and passionate to know about Russ Whitney’s books, events, conferences and much more.

Facebook Fans

Russ Whitney-Best 10 Things Being an Entrepreneur

Russ Whitney coaching programs provide knowledge, support, clarity, inspiration, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to empower you to reach your goals.


This form of service to your clients and through them, to the larger world, is an authentic expression of who you are and what you believe.Russ Whitney points out few things that needs to be noted to achieve entrepreneurship:


Being an entrepreneur is one of the best that allows you effect change in the world. You have impact. You make a real difference in people’s lives. You can serve in a way that is aligned with you, with your values.


Whether it’s building your courage or confidence, your own business is a great way to stretch you.


There’s always something new to learn as an entrepreneur. Knowledge, skills. It’s an ever-expanding world, and you get to be a part of it.


Being an entrepreneur means working with amazing people. Your clients. Your team. Other entrepreneurs. People in the community that you influence through your work.


You get to think up stuff all the time. Offerings, marketing, how you deal with your clients and your team. Even your business systems benefit from your creative approach.


This one maybe doesn’t sound so appealing at first. What it is, though, is another aspect of freedom.


The entrepreneurial freedom ride is exhilarating. Out of the many possibilities out there, you get to define the one that speaks to you.


You can make a lot of money as an entrepreneur. However, money is dependent on value. When you offer value, when you help enough people get what they want, you get what you want.


You can decide when and where you work.You can work as much or as little as suits your life right now.


Choose your business, what you work on every day, your offerings, your team, your clients, all of it.

Russ Whitney- Successful Business Leader

  Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney being a successful businessman he led his life with many business achievements that included founding and building one of the biggest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.

He is a successful business leader and author of more than 30 books workbooks, and home study courses, including the bestsellers Inner Voice, Building Wealth etc. He is a famous world wide real estate investor and with his own power of Inner Voice he started facing some of the situations in his as well as others lives.

He has spent years developing a set of principles and strategies that are easy to learn and apply – and that produce instantaneous results. Russ Whitney being the founder of Inner Voice wanted to know what motivates others and guides their activities so that to achieve successful outcomes and thus avoiding the cause of stress and pain.

Russ Whitney – Best Deal for a Mortgage


Few of us invest the time and effort into researching and securing the best deal for a mortgage to buy our house. We invest a lot of time and attempt into finding the perfect possessions in the best location and with as many of the features from our wish list as probable, yet, when it comes to finding the best deal for a mortgage, we take what is offered rather than researching and securing the best mortgage for our situation.

As per Russ Whitney your research for the best mortgages or loans and repayment options currently available can be carried out on the internet, thus making the whole process that much more convenient and time proficient for you.

Mortgages come in many various forms and you need to be aware of the various forms in order to decide which one is the best deal for a mortgage to your unique circumstances.

An interest only payment method can be combined with any type of conventional mortgage. Interest only payment periods approximately never run for the entire term of the loan, so prepare to have your payment rise to include both principal and interest once the interest only period ends.

In the early period of the mortgage most of the monthly payment is swallowed up in interest but over time the balance reverses and you start to pay off more of the capital or principal borrowed.

More Information: Russ Whitney-Building Wealth for Financial Success

Russ Whitney-Business Leader

Russ Whitney’s many business achievements include founding and building one of the largest and fastest-growing publicly-traded financial education companies of its type in the world. At its pinnacle, that organization’s annual revenue reached $250 million and it provided jobs and career opportunities to more than 2,000 people in seven countries.


In The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset, Russ Whitney asks, “Why isn’t everyone rich?” and perhaps more important, “Why aren’t you rich?” What is missing in most people’s real estate strategy, Whitney says, is the millionaire real estate mindset. And, in this book, he tells readers exactly how to develop one.

Whitney is a personal, business and strategic advisor to numerous prominent companies, CEOs and investment advisors both nationally and internationally. He has also served on the board of directors for several private, public and non-profit corporations.

Russ Whitney Business Entrepreneur

Russ Whitney is the epitome of American Dream: he led his successful life as a family man, civic leader, best-selling author, mentor and businessperson. Russ Whitney’s business achievements include founding and building one of the fastest and largest growing publicly traded education companies. Russ Whitney being a mentor developed a company and brought to market with some well known brands as Building Wealth, Teach Me to Trade and many more.

Russ Whitney Business Entrepreneur

With a Spiritual Growth in the organization its annual revenue reached almost $250 million and it resulted in providing jobs and career opportunities for more than 2000 people in seven countries. Russ Whitney has trained millions of individual around the world in personal development, building wealth and acted as a life coach to help them so as to put their education into practice.

Russ Whitney’s Spiritual Coach helps each individuals to learn about his own business success, his mistakes and failure and thus by learning and teaching opportunities. He is the author of more than 30 books and achieved his entrepreneurship with wide range of businesses like:

  • The development of the first bi-weekly mortgage program in the United States in 1984.
  • A construction firm that built more than 7,000 homes between 2000 and 2006, with revenues approaching $700 million.
  • A recreational equipment rental business with more than 40 locations worldwide.
  • Several computer, software and publishing enterprises.
  • A number of real estate and related entities, including large scale land developments, commercial property development, property management firms and a title company.
  • The development of a 5,000-acre resort and conference center in Monterey, Costa Rica.