Reviews about Russ Whitney

Being such a popular icon, there are a number of people who have shared their thoughts on Russ Whitney. Today, Russ Whitney is not only a name but a brand for himself. People have started to associate real estate with the brand Russ Whitney. People recollect Russ Whitney when they hear the word real estate. Having established himself as a real estate mentor, a philanthropist and a famous bestselling author, Russ Whitney holds no emotion of greed or ego within. The number of fan followers keeps increasing day and night in his social media profiles. A number of people have shared their thoughts on Russ, and his real estate tactics. This post will briefly mention the reviews and comments on Russ Whitney, his crazy fan following on social media like facebook and twitter.Some of the thoughts that people share about Russ Whitney in the form of reviews are:

1.Bob Boye

A lot of people have good ideas, but the ability to take a good idea, a unique idea and make it a product, make it a company and make money off that company is a definite trait that Russ has.

Bob Boye

2.Kevin Harrington

Russ is genuine, he is authentic, and people relate to him and believe him. With no infomercial experience, he came into the (infomercial) business on his own and became a superstar.

kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington
ABC’s Shark Tank
Owner: As Seen on TV

3.Dolmar Cross

Russ I want to thank you so much, you’ve given me a lot of tools that have greatly impacted my business. Just your contacts and resources alone have been invaluable.

Dolmar Cross

4.Larry Benet, Chief connector SANG events tweets about Russ Whitney, and the extra ordinary comments on his tweet.

Larry Benet

Russ Whitney’s Twitter Followers:

5,279 followers on twitter, makes Russ Whitney the most followed ever as a Real estate guru.

Twitter Followers

Russ Whitney’s Facebook Fans:

17,442 fans have like Russ Whitney, now a well established brand for himself. Russ Whitney’s facebook followers are eager and passionate to know about Russ Whitney’s books, events, conferences and much more.

Facebook Fans

Russ Whitney-The Miracle Man:

Russ Whitney- The miracle man

Russ Whitney is a real estate connoisseur, successful entrepreneur, bestselling author and philanthropist who earned global recognition in the field of financial training. Rising property values and low notice rates makes the real estate business quite popular in recent years. The latest venture of Russ Whitney is a detailed guide that helps the entrepreneurs and business owners’ who are looking to grow exponentially to next level. Russ Whitney’s conference about CEO mastery and entrepreneurial mastery help you to create massive and worldwide empire of your own, rather generating millions of dollars in revenues. No matter where you’re currently in your business, his exciting and information packed conference will change your business life.

Early days of Russ Whitney:

Russ Whitney was hailed from poor family and faced all kinds of personal and financial difficulties. His family situation forced him to discontinue his education. The financial mentor started his career by working in a slaughter house for $5 an hour. From the very beginning he was a self-motivated person and his burning desire to become rich never let him to sleep. Throughout his teenage, he engaged in absorbing get-rich programs, courses, audio tapes and seminars.

Russ Whitney’s first success –“The real estate”:

His first success was a real estate “subordination technique” that earned him $11,000 in a single deal. He made his real estate investment with a sensible, mathematical approach and became a successful business man. His success in real estate business motivated him to write his first book “The hurdles and pitfalls of real estate investing”. The book clearly explains the real estate business ethics such as ownership, management, tips to rent or sell land etc. This financial guide sold well and more than 50,000 copies have been purchased till date. After the massive success of this book, he came up with an idea of teaching his business experience in a seminar format.

Whitney’s interest in bible:

The book that changed Russ Whitney’s life was the Bible. Russ Whitney says that he reads it “for wisdom and forgiveness” for fifteen minutes every morning. He also said that the phrase “it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a richer man to enter into the kingdom of God”, changed his entire life.

Life changing career coaching:

Russ Whitney is training around millions of individuals every year in sound wealth building techniques and real estate success strategies. The financial mentor discusses his own success, mistakes and failures in business to motivate the entrepreneurs. His personal experience taught many individuals how to achieve greater productivity. The information packed seminars revolves around the topics such as how to invest in real estate, how to make revenue from real estate and how to invest that amount in stock market, how to move residential to commercial properties and how to acquire self confidence to achieve financial gain. Russ Whitney’s speech not only helps to attain successful outcomes in business, it also heals depression. Having started his career as a poor slaughter boy, today Russ Whitney’s organization’s annual revenue reached $250 million and he provides job career opportunities to more than 2000 people around the world.