Russ Whitney Career Coaching

Russ Whitney has trained millions of individuals around the world in personal success strategies and sound wealth-building techniques, and mentored them as they put their education into practice. He has candidly discussed his own business successes and, more importantly, his mistakes and failures, using them as both learning opportunities and teaching opportunities.


He personally through his education and experience taught many individuals career in coaching so that they can achieve greater productivity.Russ business achievements include founding and building one of the largest and fastest-growing publicly-traded financial education companies of its type in the world. He created, developed the company and brought to market with well-known brands as Building Wealth, Teach Me to Trade, Rich Dad Education and many more.

Whitney applied some of the principles he learned from Inner Voice book, he began buying income-producing properties. His initial investments were run-down residential properties in low- to moderate-income areas that he would buy, fix up and rent to hard-working people who needed decent, affordable housing. As he gained experience, his portfolio expanded.