What changed Russ Whitney’s Life and how?

Russ Whitney, the man who started his life working in a slaughter house making $5 an hour is now the most well known name in the field of real estate investment and philanthropic activities. He is one among the most popular figures of America who got rich within a short span of time. So how did this happen? Was it a miracle? What made things work for Russ? What was the thing that inspired Russ Whitney to do something in life? What made the life changing experience for Whitney?

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All the answers are answered by Russ Whitney himself. Whitney said that after having worked for 3 months at a slaughter house, he wanted to do something big in his life. The passion, the zeal to become rich was instilled in him. That is when Russ Whitney came across a piece of reading named Zig Ziglar volume on positive thinking. The book spoke about focusing on the brighter side of everything in life. Russ started to believe that positive things could actually happen to him.

While he continued to work at the slaughter house, the constant feeling to get rich consistently stayed in his mind forever. He started to look for ways to become rich within a short span of time. His interest for reading brought him to another book named “How I Turned $1,000 into $3 Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time” by William Nickerson. When he read the book it seemed to him like everything fell into place. The book had the words “you can become a millionaire”. That is what Russ Whitney wanted to become then on.

After getting inspired reading the book, Russ Whitney got his first real estate property from a 65 year old woman. Having made the purchase, Russ turned the property into a brand new villa that when sold would earn him huge profits. That is how Russ Whitney got his interests into real estate investing and got started with his journey to become a millionaire.

But that was not all. There was something else too that inspired him and kept him going. The third book that inspired and changed Russ Whitney’s life is the Bible. Russ Whitney says that he reads the holy book daily for wisdom and forgiveness. It was from the bible that he learned the meaning of life. He knew that god wanted him to be successful and with the faith he believed in things.

Today, Russ Whitney is popularly known as the epitome of American dream. At an early age of 27 years, Russ was one of America’s youngest self made millionaires. Russ Whitney is now an opportunist and a successful businessman who not only does well for himself, but also shares his expertise to all the people out there who want to become rich. Russ has taken initiative to share his expertise knowledge to everyone in the form of his books and also hosts various courses, seminars and workshops to help people make investment decisions easily.

Russ Whitney- 3 Essentials Leads to Success in Real Estate

Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney, one of the famous real estate investor provides a lot of ideas to beginners in the real estate field. He is also author of many books and his latest book is inner voice reveals the full view of life. Here is Russ Whitney’s 3 essential things lead to success in Real Estate Investment.

 Accept the fundamentals:

Real estate investing involves attainment, asset, and sale of rights in real property with the prospect of using cash inflows for potential future cash outflows and thereby generating a favorable rate of return on that investment.

 Recognize the Essentials of Return:

Cash Flow – The amount of funds that comes in from rents and other income less what goes out for operating expenses and debt service determines a property’s cash flow.

Appreciation – This is the growth in value of a property over time, or future selling fee minus unique purchase price.

Loan Amortization -Means a periodic reduction of the loan over time leading to increased justice.

Tax Shelter – This signifies a legal way to use real estate investment property to decrease annual or ultimate income taxes.

 Do Your Homework:

Form a correct approach and dispel the thought that investing in rental properties is like buying a home and expand the attitude that real estate investing is business. Consider investing in real estate investment software and create a relationship with a real estate expert that knows the local real estate market and understands rental property.

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Russ Whitney- Successful Business Leader

  Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney being a successful businessman he led his life with many business achievements that included founding and building one of the biggest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.

He is a successful business leader and author of more than 30 books workbooks, and home study courses, including the bestsellers Inner Voice, Building Wealth etc. He is a famous world wide real estate investor and with his own power of Inner Voice he started facing some of the situations in his as well as others lives.

He has spent years developing a set of principles and strategies that are easy to learn and apply – and that produce instantaneous results. Russ Whitney being the founder of Inner Voice wanted to know what motivates others and guides their activities so that to achieve successful outcomes and thus avoiding the cause of stress and pain.

Russ Whitney – Best Deal for a Mortgage


Few of us invest the time and effort into researching and securing the best deal for a mortgage to buy our house. We invest a lot of time and attempt into finding the perfect possessions in the best location and with as many of the features from our wish list as probable, yet, when it comes to finding the best deal for a mortgage, we take what is offered rather than researching and securing the best mortgage for our situation.

As per Russ Whitney your research for the best mortgages or loans and repayment options currently available can be carried out on the internet, thus making the whole process that much more convenient and time proficient for you.

Mortgages come in many various forms and you need to be aware of the various forms in order to decide which one is the best deal for a mortgage to your unique circumstances.

An interest only payment method can be combined with any type of conventional mortgage. Interest only payment periods approximately never run for the entire term of the loan, so prepare to have your payment rise to include both principal and interest once the interest only period ends.

In the early period of the mortgage most of the monthly payment is swallowed up in interest but over time the balance reverses and you start to pay off more of the capital or principal borrowed.

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Russ Whitney –Real Estate within a Safe Zone in This Year


Russ Whitney is a real estate investment guru; multifaceted person, a recognized global leader in almost all businesses. He is a real estate connoisseur, entrepreneur, philanthropist and bestselling author who recognized globally in the field of financial training.

His latest venture and book: Inner Voice grew out of his own personal search for the true meaning of life and our reason for being. After five years of investigate and study, Whitney introduced Inner Voice to audience. In a recent conference Russ Whitney supposed that real estate will be within a safe zone in this year.

Real estate investing involves acquire, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit. Real estate investing has become quite popular in recent years due to rising property values and low notice rates. Deflation in property principles or a sharp increase in interest rates would dampen down the market significantly, however.

Nowadays, Russ’s private quest has evolved into a very public, rapidly-growing, always-evolving on- and off-line community and is now becoming a way of life for members around the world.

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Russ Whitney Real Estate Strategies


Russ Whitney, one of the famous real estate mentors trained millions of individuals around the world in personal success strategies and mentored them as they put their education into practice. His real estate strategies are the best guidance for everyone in the business field.

Real estate is a unique asset, so you can’t apply the same rules as you do to investing in stocks or bonds. Real estate strategies include buying rental properties and becoming a landholder as well as flipping properties, then confidently earning a large profit upon their sale.

Real estate investors often become successful with assistance from other investors. If investing directly in real estate, investors should choose an exact target marketplace and study it intensely. Investors should set currency aside to act as a buffer in case the unanticipated occurs.

Mutual funds and exchange-traded finances can offer a lower-cost way to invest in real estate. If you are debating between investing in real estate honestly and buying into a REIT or real estate fund, consider the tax consequences.

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